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Doctor Strangelove

A cold war classic about a mad general on the path to start a nuclear war with Russia. It is a very funny comedy movie that really demonstrates how much of a genius Stanley Kubrick was.

t's a film that you can just sit and laugh at, or think, pay attention, and laugh harder.

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Fantastic Mister Fox

Wes Anderson is a genius. All his movies are good. This one is my favorite.

I don't think I need to say much more. You should watch it.

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Cassablanca, Morocco. The year? 1941. The plot? Humphrey Bogart acts like a total prick to the wide variety of customers who visit his bar, including his ex-grilfriend. It's brilliant. He shoots a nazi.

It's an entertaining movie. You'll watch it and laugh at how often you were quoting the film and just didn't realize.

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Planeta Bur

This movie comes out of a strange period of history. Essentially, It's a russian sci-fi movie made during the cold war about astronauts travelling to Venus. It's an Interesting watch. I've never seen such stone-cold actors - it's like they're all robotic.

If you want to look at what making a movie in Soviet Russia meant - take a look at this.

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Neco z Alenky

Remember watching Alice in Wonderland when you were a kid? Well, this isn't that.

Watch a little girl wander around a twisted fever dream where the catepillar has human teeth, and the white rabbit can't stop himself from falling apart.

Everything it needs to be and nothing more. Uncomfortably enjoyable.

CODEC: H.264 | SIZE: 1.5Gb | 720p
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The Act of Seeing With Ones own Eyes

In pure silence, two doctors go through the uncomfortable task of performing autopsies on three different people.

We know not where these people come from, we do not see their faces. We see their hearts and organs, their brain pan cut open, but we are not told what they did for a living, or who their families are.

Brakhage shows us that at the end of the day, we're really just animals. And someday we will die.

QmWnNAWypxc8jqC8MX6kjvpTJvzQUFknhxdmVXpPgBE2Rp > TheActOfSeeingWithOnesOwnEyes.avi

Serial Experiments Lain

If you couldn't tell, I'm quite the fan of avant-garde culture.

SEL takes themes like reality identity and communication, and demonstrates them through philosophy, computer history, cyberpunk literature and conspiracy theory.

Plot wise, it's better to go in totally blind.

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